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Healthy Experiences and Happy Thoughts!

Thoughts of countryside, people working on farms, fetching water, good air, good food must brighten up your day isn’t it? Villages, that too in and around the forests and mountains are something way more beautiful than those on plains. They aren’t just picturesque but also reflect a healthy and coordinated living. Camp Sparrow gives you an opportunity to witness and experience such a lifestyle along with trying your hands-on organic farming. We have our own small farm in the premises of camp, peach and pear orchards in the backyard and happy vibes everywhere. We also organize nature walks in and around Jeolikote which go through villages, their farms along with some beautiful landscapes. This introduces you to the local authentic food, organic farming at variated altitudes. This way we encourage people to live healthy, eat healthy and travel happy. 

Responsible Travel!

We all love travelling which makes one feel good. Have we ever given a thought about the harm we are causing to the nature in the name of travel? More number of low-cost carrier planes has increased the emission of carbon dioxide, use of artificial conditioning has increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Untreated sewage water entering our oceans are polluting them further and the list continues! All of these are in turn effecting our own health!! 

What can we do about these? Do we just stop experiencing new things? The answer is not to stop traveling but to travel mindfully.  

Camp sparrow facilitate such responsible travel and stay. Our Earthbaghouses are made of bags filled with earth which
are naturally insulating hence we do not use artificial conditioning of any sort. Garbage or waste disposal becomes a manure to the trees around, also we avoid almost everything that’s not natural. In addittion,our guests get a very earthy, country feel with the stay and homely appetite with homecooked meals. By choosing such properties you are contributing towards conservation. So, let’s take a pledge to start travelling responsibly and mindfully by reducing our effects on nature to the least! 

Summer Escapade into the wild

Jeolikote is least explored and exploited destination at such a proximity to the major cities like Delhi. It is a perfect summer and weekend getaway for people of all ages. As the springtime is around the corner, plan your summer vacations quick. Live in Nature of Jeolikote and also tour around places like Nainital, Bhimtal and Pangot at a day’s excursion. Come explore a new destination- Jeolikote and pick up a new Passion- Birding with a cause of conservation! 

Top Birding Destinations in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is blessed with a wide variety of wildlife and Bird species along with the Himalayas and river Ganges. India has a count of almost 1300 bird species out of which Uttarakhand alone has recorded half of these species.
Corbett national park (around 460 species) followed by Sattal, Pangot and Nainital tops the hotspot list of Uttarakhand. Jeolikote is located in Vicinity of these destinations. It has got a diverse and rich Flora and Fauna. It is a wonderful combination of natural beauty and life in every form. 

An off-beat destination for Bird-Watching in Uttarakhand!!

One of the best places for bird photographers and birders alongside Sattal and Pangot is a newcomer “Jeolikote” in the Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand. With a spotting of 200 species already and a hide existing in the camp exclusively -for birds and birders is “Camp Sparrow” creeping its way as top players of hospitality. Walks around the camp is a paradise for birdwatchers and a hide in the backyard is an add on jackpot to the bird photographers. Unlike regular walks in bird sanctuaries, camp has all kinds of trails to offer – a walk in the forest, in middle of villages, walks around the camp. A must visit place for every birder out there as the camp provides the most affordable stays and tours!