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Summer Escapade into the wild

Jeolikote is least explored and exploited destination at such a proximity to the major cities like Delhi. It is a perfect summer and weekend getaway for people of all ages. As the springtime is around the corner, plan your summer vacations quick. Live in Nature of Jeolikote and also tour around places like Nainital, Bhimtal and Pangot at a day’s excursion. Come explore a new destination- Jeolikote and pick up a new Passion- Birding with a cause of conservation! 

Top Birding Destinations in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is blessed with a wide variety of wildlife and Bird species along with the Himalayas and river Ganges. India has a count of almost 1300 bird species out of which Uttarakhand alone has recorded half of these species.
Corbett national park (around 460 species) followed by Sattal, Pangot and Nainital tops the hotspot list of Uttarakhand. Jeolikote is located in Vicinity of these destinations. It has got a diverse and rich Flora and Fauna. It is a wonderful combination of natural beauty and life in every form. 

An off-beat destination for Bird-Watching in Uttarakhand!!

One of the best places for bird photographers and birders alongside Sattal and Pangot is a newcomer “Jeolikote” in the Himalayan regions of Uttarakhand. With a spotting of 200 species already and a hide existing in the camp exclusively -for birds and birders is “Camp Sparrow” creeping its way as top players of hospitality. Walks around the camp is a paradise for birdwatchers and a hide in the backyard is an add on jackpot to the bird photographers. Unlike regular walks in bird sanctuaries, camp has all kinds of trails to offer – a walk in the forest, in middle of villages, walks around the camp. A must visit place for every birder out there as the camp provides the most affordable stays and tours!

Nature Connect- Getaways for Nature and Peace-Seekers!!

A total Off-beat getaway destination in the Himalayas to the nature lovers and people seeking for peace is a town called Jeolikote in Uttarakhand. One cannot believe its calmness and tranquility even after being located in such a proximity to one of the most famous hill stations of the country-Nainital.  Camp Sparrow one of the best rated hospitality partners of the region arrange exclusive birding tours and nature walks around the region at a most reasonable price. A weekend getaway or just laze around in the camp or seek the birds for their photographs or visit the famous tourist places around, everything is at such ease staying in here. Highly Admirable place at Highly affordable Price appropriately describes “Camp Sparrow”!!!

Jeolikote: Base camp to one of the best Birding Destinations!

Want to go birding in Pangot? Want to go Birding in Sattal? But quite intolerant towards the overcrowded and mainstream birding lodges and stays around the region? Well, Well, we have got the best solution to this. Not just a place of stay, it is a “Valley of Birds” in itself. Live in middle of the forest in the lap of mountains at Camp Sparrow in the town Jeolikote which is located hardly at a distance of an hour from all major tourist destinations around the region like Nainital, Bhimtal, Pangot, Sattal etc. This camp is exclusively – for birds and birders, which is also what the tagline of the camp is! The town has previously spotted 200 species of birds and are expecting to spot more in the years to come.

Jeolikote – full of life..!!

Adventure in UttarakhandJeolikote is meant for people who love life!!

It is a place embedded in natural beauty that offers joy and peace to restless souls!! When the hill stations are crowded in the summers, Jeolikote offers a unique option to enjoy the cool breeze, navigate creeks, and adventure in dense forest trails away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist destinations. What makes it even more special is its wonderful people, always eager to help, and its mid-way location between Nainital and Haldwani City.

Wonderful weather of Chapel Hill, North Carolina always refreshes my memory with timeless happiness that I had experienced with my family in Jeolikote!!

Manish Kumar.

Green Jeolikote

Water StreamAt a distance of 17kms from Nainital,its a small town with less population and more of nature element. At 18kms, Kathgodam Railway station is the nearest Rail head, and Pantnagar Airport is at 60kms, so reaching here through public transport is not a puzzle at all. Because of its Ancient Bee-keeping Department Jeolikote is still famous for pure honey production.

Being 90% green, the Jungle and streams here are worth exploring. Completely isolated form human interruption, these forests have variety of trees and shrubs, scent of Pine and Oak is almost everywhere. And if you have a little interest in birds, you will enjoy birding here. Town is quiet rich in the variety of birds, more than 190 species have been listed by us and expecting more to be seen in coming seasons.