A New Year, A new US!

Just like every other year, an entire year of our lives has passed like a flash in front of us. This brings a new year, new opportunities, new beginnings and yes, a new US. How do you plan to spend your Christmas eve or the New Year eve? Watch a movie? Go out for a special dinner? Go partying? Count your way down for the clock to strike 12? Cut a cake with your family and friends to mark the celebrations of Christmas and the commencement of a New year?

Why don’t you try something different this time? Go on a vacation where it is just you, your loved ones and peace that remains immeasurable. Spend your Christmas or new year eve going on walks amidst lush greenery, or just bask in the sun during the day and sit by the campfire in the evening. Sing, play and munch on delicacies alongside the people who mean everything to you. Begin your new year watching a beautiful sunrise, birds chirruping. Make your fresh resolutions with fresh dawn followed by a bright day and a lot of optimism.

This Christmas and New Year show that you love and care for everything that is a reason for your existence – those special people, nature and animals too. Spend your new year in nature’s lap, let her fondle, love and give you memories to start your Happy New Year!
Camp Sparrow wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!:)