About Us

Camp Sparrow is an outcome of the concurrence of ideas of different erudite professionals who were born with it, studied it and now they step to make it a fulfilment. The idea of Camp Sparrow is to deliver the delight of comfort in the lap of nature where one can cheer up his/her soul and explore diverse species of birds in flawless ecosystem

Visiting a wilderness is not as simple as it seems. You walk on rugged paths, mount over the wiggly-wobbly slopes and sometimes struggle on the boulders and gravels to soothe yourself in the creek bed. All in all the experience is wonderful but you can’t hide you are fatigued. Playing in nature’s lap is boisterous but it drains all your energy (what you count in Kcals). In the night time, you need more air to mend your vitality, a good food and of course a sound sleep.

Camp Sparrow promises to give you the best of nature elements, and when nature puts on the blanket, it gives you an abode with warmth and padded beddings. It’s your own corner at night time and you can lose your consciousness for some hours to refuel yourself for the next excursion.