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A New Year, A new US!

Just like every other year, an entire year of our lives has passed like a flash in front of us. This brings a new year, new opportunities, new beginnings and yes, a new US. How do you plan to spend your Christmas eve or the New Year eve? Watch a movie? Go out for a special dinner? Go partying? Count your way down for the clock to strike 12? Cut a cake with your family and friends to mark the celebrations of Christmas and the commencement of a New year?

Why don’t you try something different this time? Go on a vacation where it is just you, your loved ones and peace that remains immeasurable. Spend your Christmas or new year eve going on walks amidst lush greenery, or just bask in the sun during the day and sit by the campfire in the evening. Sing, play and munch on delicacies alongside the people who mean everything to you. Begin your new year watching a beautiful sunrise, birds chirruping. Make your fresh resolutions with fresh dawn followed by a bright day and a lot of optimism.

This Christmas and New Year show that you love and care for everything that is a reason for your existence – those special people, nature and animals too. Spend your new year in nature’s lap, let her fondle, love and give you memories to start your Happy New Year!
Camp Sparrow wishes you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!:)

Excursions from Camp Sparrow, Jeolikote, Nainital

Camp Sparrow is an eco-sustainable camp located in the lush green Himalayas amidst the thick jungles of Jeolikote, a small town near Nainital. It is an extraordinary place for nature lovers and those who would like to experience something out of the regular city life. This region also flaunts around 200 species of birds making bird watching activities quite popular. Camp also facilitates birdwatching activities and tours. You can take up activities like exploring nature trails, easy hiking, bird-watching during your stay at the camp. Or even just chill around in the lawn, campfire, stream nearby and the backyard of the camp area which are in themself a rejuvenation.

The favorable location of Camp midway between Kathgodam (nearest railhead) and Nainital, one can visit many places around, making Camp Sparrow a base.

Other places around the Nainital and Camp which can be visited on a day’s excursion also include-


This is the most commonly visited and the best hill station around the region. Nainital is located at about 17 km from Jeolikote making it hardly a journey of 20 to 30 mins to reach the city. There are various viewpoints in Nainital such as Tiffen top, Himalaya Darshan, Snow viewpoint and others. Famous temples such as Hanuman Garhi and Naina Devi temple. Not to miss the most important part of the Nainital trip – boating in the Naini Lake. Apart from these, there are other places near Nainital to visit also.


Yet another lake city at proximity from Nainital offering wide adventure activities to the tourists. Bhimtal not only a beautiful city but has some pretty cafes. Activities like water zorbing, paragliding and others can be enjoyed on a day’s excursion at ease. Naukuchiatal, is further half an hour’s drive from Bhimtal is another town with a Lake and beautiful landscape views. It also offers adventure activities. This takes about half an hour to forty-five minutes from Camp Sparrow.


Known for seven lakes around the town from which it derives the name Sattal is one of the places near Nainital you must visit. This is a hotspot among birdwatchers and photographers. There are varied species of resident and migratory birds that are worth a tour under the proper guidance. This Lake also offers some adventure activities like Banana boat ride, regular boating, and others which attracts many tourists. This takes about half an hour to forty-five minutes from Camp sparrow too


This another adventure hub nearest to Nainital offering a variety of activities such as mountain or rock climbing, camping, hiking, and trekking. There are also beautiful scenic viewpoints and temples which you can visit while on your excursion around Camp Sparrow, Nainital.

  • Kainchi Dham Temple is well known for being visited by celebrities and common people alike.
  • Pangot and Kilbury Sanctuary which is a high altitude hotspot for the birds.
  • Almora, Ranikhet places for beautiful views and picnics.

Diwali turns out to be a Halloween!

Dogs and Cats fear the noises, hide themselves, cry out of fear during the bursting of crackers on Diwali.
Many insects die due to extreme air pollution and life-threatening reactions caused by the bursting of crackers.
Birds and tiny animals are not used to high decibels and very sensitive to the slightest of variations in the environment. Birds and small animals have died of heart attack because of suddenly caused simulation such as the bursting of crackers.

Halloween is around the corner and we decide to turn this Diwali a Halloween for all other lives including own kind! Why can’t we still comprehend the fact that we are degrading our environment, turning the air unbreathable and harming all kinds of living beings? Yet, we cannot resist our urges to celebrate this Diwali with all sorts of polluting firecrackers. Is it so hard to celebrate such an occasion of joy in an eco-friendly manner?

Diwali is all about celebrating the coexistence and enlightenment of all the living beings on earth!
Halloween is about tackling the inner demons and making oneself a better human being!
Let us not terrifyingly interpret these and stop being selfish. Let us make this planet a HOME, for all!

Why should we plan our Travel during Navratri/ Dussehra and Diwali?

Dussehra, Navratri, Dasara, Durga Puja, Aayudha puja, name it anything, it’s the same time of the year celebrated in different ways, with different names in different regions of the country. For most of us working folks it is the beginning of holiday season lining up around the corner. Here are some fascinating reasons to travel during this time of the year-

Less Crowd and More Peace!

Since most tourists choose to travel during summers and holiday season of the schools, during this time of the year touristy places are a lot less crowded. Peace is what you go looking for, so why should you give up the basic and foremost criterion you go looking for? O

Off- Season Pricing!

Those of you budget travelers this is a great time for you all. This time of the year it is an off season in most part of the country or there are some cool discounts and packages. Get into the negotiations and crack yourself a cool deal. Go grab your opportunity, bring out the traveler in you and explore the world!! 

Explore the Cultures!

Dussehra is a widely celebrated festival in varied forms throughout the country. Instead of staying back at your usual place and celebrating it the usual way why don’t you explore a new tradition or a culture. So, know what’s the way of celebrating navratris in the region you plan to visit, go there experience it first hand and learn a lot more. 

Better Hospitality!

 As said earlier since it is an off season for tourism industry, hosts are more keep on grabbing the guests. You get a special treatment, better prices, less crowd, what more can you as for? 

Different Environment, Different Experience!

You may have visited places mostly during another time of the year. Nature and Environment adorns itself in a varied manner. Experience ‘right after the monsoon’ décor while you travel around in this season. Region around Camp Sparrow is a lush green beauty. Washed up after the rains with new and fresh vegetation all around. 

There are plenty of places within the country providing you a unique experience during Dussehra and Diwali. So, book your stays, tickets, pack your bags, get set, go on the long weekends that’s going to arrive. 

Let’s Help Build Some Homes!Camp Sparrow- Plantation Drive.

How many trees we would have cut down to build our homes? Weren’t they homes to many before us? How many jungles we would have scrapped down for our infrastructures like schools, roads, hospitals and what not? There used to live many more wildlife in harmony unlike humans. Some or the other way we are all guilty of it. Few of us feel it while a few do not. So, take this opportunity to give back to the nature what we have been exploiting from years now. Let us act upon the climate change, let us do what best can be done to save and flourish the existing forest and also let it increase. Healthier forests, purer air, purer water, safer cities and towns so that wild have their homes to stay within and we have ours. 

Visit the page- “Camp Sparrow, Plantation Drive” to take part !

Kalij Pheasants – Our backyard Neighbours!

We are named Kalij Pheasants by our Human friends. We are a family of five who live in the neighbourhood of Camp Sparrow. But resident all around the Himalyan region . Inclusive of males and two females in total, looking and foraging around for food. Every day, we reach backyard of Camp Sparrow in the evening times around 5.30 PM looking for some food and water. Sometimes even during early morning hours we are there with the very first rays of sunlight reaching the ground. But we are very shy creatures and run away the moment we sense humans walking by or any moments or voices similar. Only camouflaged people sitting in silence for a little longer without much bodily moments will be able to sight us. You can come by and visit us. Make sure not to disturb us so that you get to sight us in our most natural behaviour. 

Camp Sparrow- A Detox!

Air so fresh, water so pure and food so succulent that you will start falling in love with a healthy living. Away from pollution, away from traffic jams, away from all the junks is what we aspire to get you. Forget internet, forget the so-called idiot box, forget air conditioners, forget everything that is artificial.  Feel the grass with your bare feet, feel the raw essence of the nature- living in our earthbag houses, give your inner-self sometime. This place is not just a detoxification to your lungs or body. It replenishes and rejuvenates your mind, body and soul. Hence, Camp Sparrow- A Detox, the right thing for you! 

Hammock, Book and a Coffee!

After a long period of work without a break, all you would need is to chill by in calmness away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Imagine an orchard full of Peach and Pear Trees, with a real nice breeze all day long. Only noise is of birds chirping and the leaves moving due to the breeze. Hammocks and reclining chairs perfectly placed along with some birds nesting right above them on the trees while others looking for materials to nest. A small, yet beautiful collection of books to choose from and a kitchen ready to serve you with your favourite beverages during anytime of the day. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect vacation to chill? If this is what you are looking for, then Camp Sparrow is what you need. Explore and Experience Nature! 

Travel Responsibly.

There are simple measures which can be adopted while traveling which will reduce the impact on the places we visit. There is a constant tension of the damage we are causing to environment for the sake of our travel. In order to bring it down to the least or almost null we can follow certain practices and stick by them. Few are as simple as not Littering! 

Reduce travelling by air

There are fuel efficient engines lately which have a lesser emission of gases into the atmosphere. But, try as much as possible not to take planes to reach places which are accessible through other means. 

Carry your own water bottle

In order to reduce the use of plastic in the form of packaged drinking water bottles, carry your own bottles which can be refilled and reused. Try to refill every place you have an access to clean drinking water. 

Carry your own Toiletries

Bydoing this we you can reduce using the toiletries provided at hotels, which are usually not easily degradable and are disposed within one or two uses. 

Do not Litter

That shall be the biggest contribution towards nature. By only disposing garbage at designated areas and not littering around (especially plastic) a lot of pollution can be reduced. 

Use of Public Transport

While traveling alone or just two people avoid travelling by your own vehicles instead use public transport. This way you are reducing road congestions as well as burning of more fossil fuels. 

Use a soft copy of documents

Vouchers, tickets and other such documents the hard copy of which isn’t required can be maintained in mails or drives instead of printing them. 

Stay at Hotels or accommodations following sustainable practices

 These days more and more hotels/ homestays or campsites are following Eco friendly sustainable practices as they realize their effects on the environment around. By choosing such stays you are choosing nature. 

Camp Sparrow is one such Campsite located near Nainital following eco sustainable practices to the highest extent possible. Explore and Experience Responsible living at Camp Sparrow!! 

Essentials of Birding!

Anyone and everyone can develop a passion for bird watching / birding. This is a kind of interest people usually find boring until they start doing it. It is a very beneficial and easy activity to pick up with some pretty basic essentials. 

Binoculars– You can watch the birds through a naked eye for sure. But binoculors help a lot in observing the birds, their moments, behaviour. It Is so fun and interesting at times. 

Field Guide– If you are serious about continuing the activity, a field guide is very much essential. Though it is a traditional way of referring to bird names, it is lot more user friendly, even in this era of applications and software.   

Notepad– This again is a traditional way of noting down the names and numbers of birds observed. But is the best practice, obviously it can be entered into the electronical database for a better record. 

Camouflaged outfits– Said that need not dress up in camouflaged prints top to bottom, can opt for colours like green, brown, grey and such dull colours. It’s just that flashy colours draw birds and wildlife away, which won’t benefit your birdwatching I suppose. 

That’s all Folks, you are ready to go birding!! 

Add-ons which will help in getting better at birding. 

Camera– Yes, few believe a camera is essential for birdwatching but trust me just watching them so colourful, so playful itself is mesmerizing at times. Not everything can be recorded or captured. 

Guide– It is helpful in identifying birds especially at regions you are not much aware of. Having said that it is not necessary to always hire an expert guide who charges a lot. Your friends and relatives or someone who is knowledgeable. 

E-bird account– This not just helps you stay updated with checklists, but also helps in cross-checking with identities of those which you aren’t sure of. 

Social Group of Birders- Having a group of friends with similar interests is always fun. May it be in real life, on social medias to exchange ideas and views or anywhere for that matter. 

Birding has so many benefits- it is fun, relaxing, develops responsibility towards nature, improves your eyesight, listening skills, patience and many more such attributes. So, start birding start discovering.