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Diwali turns out to be a Halloween!

Dogs and Cats fear the noises, hide themselves, cry out of fear during the bursting of crackers on Diwali.
Many insects die due to extreme air pollution and life-threatening reactions caused by the bursting of crackers.
Birds and tiny animals are not used to high decibels and very sensitive to the slightest of variations in the environment. Birds and small animals have died of heart attack because of suddenly caused simulation such as the bursting of crackers.

Halloween is around the corner and we decide to turn this Diwali a Halloween for all other lives including own kind! Why can’t we still comprehend the fact that we are degrading our environment, turning the air unbreathable and harming all kinds of living beings? Yet, we cannot resist our urges to celebrate this Diwali with all sorts of polluting firecrackers. Is it so hard to celebrate such an occasion of joy in an eco-friendly manner?

Diwali is all about celebrating the coexistence and enlightenment of all the living beings on earth!
Halloween is about tackling the inner demons and making oneself a better human being!
Let us not terrifyingly interpret these and stop being selfish. Let us make this planet a HOME, for all!