Why should we plan our Travel during Navratri/ Dussehra and Diwali?

Dussehra, Navratri, Dasara, Durga Puja, Aayudha puja, name it anything, it’s the same time of the year celebrated in different ways, with different names in different regions of the country. For most of us working folks it is the beginning of holiday season lining up around the corner. Here are some fascinating reasons to travel during this time of the year-

Less Crowd and More Peace!

Since most tourists choose to travel during summers and holiday season of the schools, during this time of the year touristy places are a lot less crowded. Peace is what you go looking for, so why should you give up the basic and foremost criterion you go looking for? O

Off- Season Pricing!

Those of you budget travelers this is a great time for you all. This time of the year it is an off season in most part of the country or there are some cool discounts and packages. Get into the negotiations and crack yourself a cool deal. Go grab your opportunity, bring out the traveler in you and explore the world!! 

Explore the Cultures!

Dussehra is a widely celebrated festival in varied forms throughout the country. Instead of staying back at your usual place and celebrating it the usual way why don’t you explore a new tradition or a culture. So, know what’s the way of celebrating navratris in the region you plan to visit, go there experience it first hand and learn a lot more. 

Better Hospitality!

 As said earlier since it is an off season for tourism industry, hosts are more keep on grabbing the guests. You get a special treatment, better prices, less crowd, what more can you as for? 

Different Environment, Different Experience!

You may have visited places mostly during another time of the year. Nature and Environment adorns itself in a varied manner. Experience ‘right after the monsoon’ décor while you travel around in this season. Region around Camp Sparrow is a lush green beauty. Washed up after the rains with new and fresh vegetation all around. 

There are plenty of places within the country providing you a unique experience during Dussehra and Diwali. So, book your stays, tickets, pack your bags, get set, go on the long weekends that’s going to arrive.