Camp Sparrow- Plantation Drive

Camp Sparrow Plantation Drive- 1st to 28th of June '19
We bring you an opportunity to give back to the nature what we have been taking from years now. A drive being organized for a stretch of 15 days with an option to join at your own convenience. 

Dates- 1st of July to 28th of July (Join us during any days in between these dates)

Price- INR 950/- per person per day. (Includes accommodation + all 3 meals of the day)

Contact Details- 8448848297

Accommodation- Earthbag Houses (on double or triple occupancy subject to availability)

Number of hours – 6 hours maximum in a day.

Plantation shall be during early morning and evening hours of a day but subject to weather conditions too.

Why should you take part in it?

First of all you are doing a wonderful cause for environment issues.

The plantation drive will be going on for all 15 days as mentioned above, but you can choose to take part on those dates which are convenient for you.

You will get to learn about different techniques of plantation that can be done on different terrains.

You will get to stay in the nature and forest all day with a peace of mind, which is something that we crave!

Even though, minimum number of nights for the participation is set at 2 nights, you can choose to stay for longer and take a day break for every 2 days you work.

Moreover, you are getting to be part of a conservational activity which is the need of the hour.

Criterion to Join-

Minimum age to join the drive is 12 years and above.

Minimum stay at the property should be of 2 nights and mandatory to take part in 4 such plantation walks.

Should be healthy and fit enough to work for at least 4 hours a day in activities related to plantation.

Things to Carry-

Shoes good enough for muddy, hilly terrain, rains and durable ones.

Rain coats or covers, because the monsoons are approaching.

Caps or hats for the sunny days.

Gloves if you think you need them to work in soil and moisture.

**100% advance payment to be made in order to confirm your booking**